Ready, Willing and Stable

Having dealt another blow to the infrastructure of the camp, the party must take a step back to determine where they are at and how best to proceed.

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Oh shit, max damage on two different magic missile attacks, not bad Skid.


Oh my gosh, I know how Troy feels about not running the bad guy to his full potential. I feel like I do it all the time LoL Which is why I’m sitting inside on a beautiful Saturday reading through tonight’s encounters (they’re in Skirkatla’s fortress!) to make sure I get things somewhat in order. That said, this is another mildly disappointing encounter. Despite Joe’s fervent desire – they are NOT giant subtypes so his bane bonuses to hit and damage totally overdid it (especially since he said he was rolling high on the bane dice). The svathurim should have… Read more »


The kellid people in the realm of the mammoth lords would kidnap baby frost giants and make them honored members of the tribe so that story wouldn’t be too far fetched.


Great Ep overall and I enjoyed it very much even with the minor issues that cropped up. But getting to the issues:

– You can charge in a surprise round as others have pointed out
– We need to have a talk about wildshaping into war cats
– Racial Spells again?


Just FYI: Wild Shape doesn’t grant you the AC of the creature you turn into – it functions as Beast Shape (at least when using it to turn into an Animal or Magical Beast), meaning that Matt’s character (not gonna bother butchering the spelling) would have gained a +6 Natural Armor bonus, but also taken a -2 Size penalty to AC, and also a -4 Size penalty to Dex (resulting in an additional -2 to AC). I have no idea if the net +2 to AC would have still made that attack a miss, but I’m doubting that it would… Read more »


Love the show. Big time. Appreciate all the effort you guys make for our entertainment – But can we, please, please, please, get a “we are stupid” on this episode because… well… the issues. Great episode as always.


Hey guys.
Great episode and I just wanted to thank you guys for all the great entertainment and… do my best to help Troy trip up the team.

You can in fact charge in the surprise round but it’s called a partial charge. You can only move up to your speed and you can’t draw a weapon as part of your charge unless you ha ave quick draw.

Loving the show guys and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.