Rebuilt this City

The crew’s hasty search of the House of Renewal leaves Pigi open to a devastating trap!

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Josh B

Instead of limiting healing to once per character, perhaps the Good Dr can use his treat wound x amounts per day before he has to take time to resupply and prepare more first aid supplies? He could also spend money to upgrade or resupply his storage capacity.


Hmmm, I think the healing rules, while not making much sense IRL, is completely fair. Starfinder is already super generous with healing damage because of the ability to recover ALL of your stamina after a rest. Making house rules to improve ‘treat deadly wounds’ would basically be putting the game on ‘STORY MODE’.


The only way I’m able to logically reconcile the “once per day” for wound treatment in my head is to look at the methods. The Medicine skill uses traditional methods (painkillers, antibiotics, etc.) and you have to be careful not to exceed a safe dosage in patients. Mystical healing is magical, so that risk isn’t there. A medical lab has enough equipment and monitoring stations that you can safely treat someone more than once without the same risk as in the field.


The “Rebuilt” is a truly horrifying creature. GM Horror fans would love running this monster.


You guys do know The Magicians is also an excellent TV show?