Reconnaissance Man

Having located the secret giant training camp at Skirgaard, the heroes must quickly devise a plan of action on how best to proceed.

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Sarah Martinez

can you guys make skirgaard Christmas cards? I would buy the crap out of those.

Mister Phoenyxx

That should have been, “Hey! You Ettins! Get your heads in the game”.


I think you played the wildshaped druid correctly. No acclimation checks, yes to cold checks (without any protection from elements active). If you look up Mountain Travel under Environment rules you will see that creatures with the mountain environment are acclimated to altitude. Wildshape doesn’t make it clear if you pick up these characteristics along with the common environment of the creature, but I would agree that makes sense. Just remember that over 15k ft., even acclimated creatures will struggle. The cold is different in that Cold Exposure doesn’t mention creature types. An easy Endure Elements or Cold Resistance will… Read more »

Joe Buczynski

I would love to see you guys play strange aeons !