Resize Doesn’t Matter

While one party member stays behind to keep a watchful eye on the aftermath of their recent sabotage, the others travel far away to return to a very familiar place.

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Wait, wasn’t the bag giant in size? So wouldn’t it hold more than a normal bag of holding of a particular type, or would the size of the bag not effect it’s magical storage ability? A standard bag of holding, regardless of type is listed as 2 feet by 4 feet in size, and each type has an increased base weight aside from it’s storage weight. A type 1 weights 15 lbs and can store up to 250 lbs or 30 cubic ft, a type 4 is 60 lbs and can store up 1,500 lbs or 250 cubic ft for… Read more »


Is there any way to check on Patreon send outs? I have asked a couple of times but have heard nothing. I am loving everything. The only thing I am disappointed in is that I can’t get an answer regarding Patreon stuff.