Rest and Relocation

As their environmental protections begin to run out, the crew rests before making their final push towards a lost city that may no longer exist.

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Well said, toddoneout. You’re right that this is the only Glass Cannon show I’ve ever heard. I’ve been enjoying it very much and can’t wait for the next episode. As far as role play versus math, I wouldn’t listen if the role playing was gone. My favorite character moments are when they involve the scope of what’s happening… Like the contemplative moments going between the Archeon to the drift rock… The Captain’s sacrifice on the drift rock… Friss holding on for dear life and having feverish spiritual revelations. This is role playing and math making sweet love. This episode frustrated… Read more »


Boring parts have to happen occasionally. This is a show at the end of the day, and Troy is the director, clearly he thought the fight outside the statue wasn’t a good fit or was too close to the other fight. It’s totally cool to have a different opinion on how to drive a story, but Troy has proved time and time again that his decisions lead the best story momvents. Whether it kills a character, saves one. The AP is a guide to tell a unique story, not a fixed one. If you are going to correct the guys… Read more »


I totally respect that. Its just my opinion after all. I just feel let down because I’ve run this before and I was really looking forward to that encounter… It’s a really great fight. The Ksariks attack using the cover in the ruins and its super scary having those seed spikes flying at your face. I know the audience would have loved it.

The long conversation between PG and Dax felt like how a 30 minute conversation between Chekov and Data from Star Trek would pan out. 😀


You should have replied to that guy directly. You’ve been making post’s for several episodes now doing the expert rules-lawyer pedant thing, honestly mate, no one gives a shit. We aren’t listening to this show for rules minutia. Stop it with the ‘skip to this timestamp when the game starts’. The way you invest in a game like this is becoming familiar with the players personally, listening to them make stupid jokes, references and just shoot the shit. The other guy didn’t wanna say it but I will, if you’re gonna go full beep-boop autist over minor rule infractions there’s… Read more »


I like how at 31:35 PG says “Talking talking talking, super annoying.”

My thoughts exactly with this 80% skipable episode. Troy completely skipped a challenging combat that was supposed to occur outside the statue when they leave it. 2 Ksariks were supposed to attack… it’s a brutal combat, but I guess they’d rather chit chat than shoot neat monsters.

Also, poison damage takes 2 days to recover 1 step. Poison can heal with a FULL day of bed rest… but if he’s traveling, no way. Play the game right.


I don’t know if you’ve listened to much else of the GCP’s shows, but I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and presume you haven’t. Over the years, the guys have developed a style of play (that may differ from a lot of peoples’ home games) which seems to balance in-depth improv and roleplay with combat and action – and it’s a style that they thoroughly seem to enjoy playing by. As a listener, I feel that I am more heavily invested in the plight of the characters when the guys have their ‘chit chat’ roleplay moments, and… Read more »