Rock This Way

The crew braves the unforgiving vacuum of space to investigate the mysterious Drift Rock.

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Fairly certain you’re botching the disease rules. 2 saves cures the disease, period. You don’t need 2 saves to go up one stage. That would make diseases obscenely powerful. 2 saves and you go to the latent stage, then you’re back to normal. Also Dax and Friss are cured; they rolled once already when the party rested the 1st time on the Hippocampus.


You’re wrong. They’re doing it right on the show.

” In the case of a disease, the victim must fulfill the conditions in the disease’s Cure entry (usually succeeding at one or more consecutive saving throws). ***Each time she does so, she moves one step back toward healthy**; once she reaches healthy, she is cured.”

The Vesk will need 6 consecutive saves to track to healthy.


Ellie leading the “**** you Troy!” call at the end of the episode. Good stuff.


That’s how you know someone’s really joining the party