Rumble Singeskin

Just as the marker stone fades into view on the misty banks of the River Esk, the Chelish Devil is ambushed by a boarding party of bloodthirsty orcs!

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If the French have trouble with L’orc’s name, wait til they meet his lost cousin D’orc!

Justin M Wallace

The feat that forces someone to focus on X person is called Call Out


And not to be “that guy” but you never said he gave her his arrows, just the bow… And I hardly think they left her arrows on her if they took everything else? ‘,:l


I think it’s fair to assume that arrows were given along with the bow – if every single item needed mentioning every step of the way, then things would get much slower and more boring.
Oh, never mind, I know what happened – one of the crew who are all just standing around watching the battle must have thrown her some arrows 😉 I mean, they’re not any good for anything else, so they must be going around making sure that any oddities of the adventure are all ironed out! 😛


Meh, a fair enough explanation but I just feel that assuming is a slippery slope with these kinds of things.


That was most uncool, saying one thing about rules and then deciding to change it even when it means a player will almost certainly die…


I totally agree. If I was playing in this situation, I would definitely not have accepted that.