Sarissa Explains It All

With the Drift Rock and the Acreon in their rearview, the Sarissa is intercepted on its way back to Absalom Station.

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Sarah Martinez

dr fritz is the guys who’s playing galaga


You can only taunt once per ship per combat.


Sensors have a max range of 5x their range increment. They just take a -2 to any check for each increment outside the first.


Also for future ref, the gyrolaser is a Broadarc weapon which means it can fire into the port/starboard arcs (with a -2). So with better tactics the Sarissa could’ve been firing twice each round. But I guess that would rely on the pilot rolling better :p

Doug Becker

And because of the last line, the free attack happens in the Helm phase, because “…that weapon can be used as normal later in the round.” So all those wonderful piloting checks Joe did for flyby attacks that failed should have been resolved right then.


MOVING THROUGH OTHER STARSHIPS Since the hexes in starship combat aren’t representative of three-dimensional distance, starships can move through hexes containing other starships, but they can’t end their movement there. If a starship moves through a hex containing an enemy starship, the enemy starship can fire any one of its direct-fire weapons from any arc at the moving starship, targeting its aft quadrant. This free attack doesn’t benefit from any bonuses or additional abilities from other actions taken aboard the enemy starship, such as divert or lock on. Any character currently in a gunner role can make this attack. If… Read more »


Tracking weapons can still only fire on targets in the arc the weapon is mounted. Once it is let loose and is still active the next round then it continues on to its target regarless of the arc the taret is in.


your ship gives 2 +1s to any crewmember, computer rolls get a +2, Piloting get a +1. You keep not using the free +1 piloting bonous.