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Mark Schwab

Words can’t describe how excited I am to hear Skid play a character with an ability called “Haughty Obstinacy”

Marten Dollinger

produce flame doesn’t use spell roll, it’s a melee or ranged touch, so you’re gonna need dex unless they recently changed that

Marten Dollinger

“SPELL ATTACKS Some spells require you to succeed at an attack roll to affect the target. This is usually because they require you to touch your target, precisely aim a ray, or otherwise make an accurate attack. Any attack you make is part of the spell’s Somatic Casting action.Usually, such spells require a melee touch attack or a ranged touch attack. In both cases, make an attack roll and compare the result to the target’s TAC. Your proficiency modifier for a spell’s attack roll is the same as your proficiency modifier with spell rolls. Spell attacks are unarmed, but they… Read more »


Skid with another charisma based caster? I can’t wait!


I thought for Part 1, you had to take one of the campaign-specific backgrounds?


Paizo wants you to, but if I were GMing, I’d leave it up to GM discretion.