Slag! You’re it!

With the ritual to relight Minderhal’s Forge complete, Etena turns her attention to the heroes, demanding that they hand over Agrimmosh, the Hammer of Unmaking. Claiming to no longer have it, the party must face the wrath of Etena as well as the ancient guardians of the forge.

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Pepter the Pteranadon!

The Claw

I must be the 1000th guy to say this, but Stone Shape *doesn’t allow you to trap people in cages from 15ft away with no save*. If it did, why would anyone use any other offensive spell? It’s not intended to be a cheaper, unavoidable version of Force Cage. To avoid mis-use, just add a house rule. Stipulate that the stone shaping takes 6 seconds – one standard action – plenty of time for a target to get out of the way if it’s awake & able to move. That way the spell could still be used to manacle pinned… Read more »


Apparently Della is so traumatized, that she told Will about Ewigga, and that traumatized Will so badly that he’s interposing evil with evil and Etena is now Ewigga.

Good thing this isn’t a situation where imaginary fears become real or…


I will remember you, will you remember me, don’t let life pass you by, and weep not for the memory~