Slow Drama From the Drain

With the bone troopers defeated, the crew must fight toe to toe with Captain Zeera Vesh!

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The DCs for fan fumbles are going to need to be altered at some point, because the KAC values are going to massively outpace the saves of the players. Something like CR+8 might work better.


Bio student here. Turns out, heat is a measure of kinetic energy. Perhaps that’s why Solar weapons roll against KAC?


Loved this episode! Such a cool boss.


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James A.

Lords of Light! Demon Dogs! How can anyone not be aware of the greatest 1 season cartoon in history?

They probably don’t even realize it has the original Princess Ariel.

Or what a Mok is!


If you have a climb speed, wouldn’t it be faster to traverse the wall next to the stairs? Why bother with those darn stairs?


Maraquoi have a climb speed of 20, so haste makes that 40. 80 feet of climbing vs 50ft on ground, so you are correct.

David H.

Next up… the Megatron episode.