Something Wicker This Way Comes

A daring chase across the camp leaves the heroes face to face with a burning colossus! As their leader burns alive inside the creature, will all their efforts to sabotage the giants come crashing down around them?!

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Kirk Corbett

The absolute greatest celebration in the history of TTRPG’s. I imagined a soccer player running around the field after a goal! With a chanting crowd, “4 MORE BEARS! 4 MORE BEARS!” Good timing Joe!


Joe is an 11th level caster right? Energy Resistance increases to 20 at 7th level and 30 at 11th level.

Doug Becker

Troy, if the stat block does not say fire damage it is regular. Energy damage goes through DR, that was kind of bad. Black Tentacles, while not requiring a check to move out or around inside, is rough terrain which costs double movement to move around, into, or out of. Also, you have to make the CMB check every round on the casters turn to see if the spell maintains the grapple to do the damage, it is not done automatically. Invisibility and mirror image do not mix. Per the spell, ” An attacker must be able to see the… Read more »

Daniel Bauer

It should be noted that this particular creature however has hardness 5, not DR. energy damages are even less effective against hardness.

Doug Becker

That is true, but it was the attack on the characters and I believe Four Bears had DR at the time, and Troy was saying that the attack was fire which would bypass 4B’s DR.

Jonathan Bennett

Just because I recently discovered this, myself: You are referring to the rules about damaging objects. The construct is not an object. The rules about energy damage being halved do not apply.

Anwar Hanano

I love this show so much. Also, just an idea for the future, is there a way to post reactions to the show in an area different than comments. I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone. However stemming my loud reactions to every GCP show is hard.


The glass cannon podcast subreddit has an episode discussion following every episode. It’s designed for spoiling things 🙂


Constructs are not immune to critical hits. Great episode!


Reblog to save a life (probably Fairaza).

Kyle Ashcraft

Enlarged arrows don’t stay big once fired


As a Canadian I feel personally attacked by the start of this episode. You wish you had our healthcare system smh. I’m excited to see how this encounter is going to go down though!