Spear and Present Danger

The crew enters the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of the Twelve in search of more answers.

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poor Ellie, beginning to think her back story involves her being a former Storm Trooper in order to explain her poor marksmanship in combat 🙂 Great show guys and girls


Trick attack damage IS doubled on a critical hit as it adds damage dice to your hit and criticals double all your damage dice rolled.

Justin Reinhardt

Yup. “If your attack roll is a natural 20 and your attack total is equal to or greater than your target’s AC, your attack is a critical hit. A critical hit means that you roll your damage twice (adding to each roll all your usual bonuses, including any additional damage from special abilities) and then add the rolls together to determine the damage dealt.”


There is no shooting into melee penalty but enemies and allies in the line of effect can count as Soft Cover.


Absolutely correct.


Love the episode! I’m glad you guys took a look at the bulk rules and I’m loving the full attacks Troy has been dishing out. Exciting stuff! I can’t wait to see what’s at the top of the temple. 😀


Just adding some insight to how much Friss weighs, the CRB states that small creatures are 2-4 feet tall and can weigh 8-60 lbs. So I suppose you can really min/max those ranges and imagine Dr. Friss as the size of a dog, then the Vesk can let him ride on her shoulders. However, he’s an adult who’s probably about the size of a 6 year old. We could say he weighs 40 lbs.

1 bulk is 5-10 lbs, so it’s up to the GM, but I’d rule a body is an awkward thing to carry.

Christopher Clayton

Friss weighs 35 pounds.