Starship Stupors

As the smoke clears, the crew must find a way through to set a course for the future.

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My party lost two players.. They were all lvl 2 as well. My group lured it to the control panels and blew them up with a grenade next to the electricity trap from the alien computers panels. The blast killed two people and the creature.


I love how in both games there’s an NPC named HOWIE! Such a great inside joke.


I really hoped they were going to call the ship ‘The Macallen’ regardless of the perv joke potential of the whole crew getting insider Mac XD


Oh, I got her surname wrong and they actually bought up naming it after Mac in a later episode XD


Dr. Friss (not sure if I’m spelling it right) is easily one of my fave RPG characters of all time. Love Ellie’s characters, though. A shame about losing Mac so soon, but the new character is already brilliant. Whole crew is doing a great job.


Without a 5 member party all the PCs would be 3rd at that last fight. I’m not sure an extra 2nd level PC is better than 4 3rd level PCs. I’ll be making sure to bump my group (which is also 5 players) to 3rd before that encounter, will be interesting to see how it goes.


I thought of the same thing, well just hypothetically if i were to ever run this. however, I also thought that it would be super rewarding to gut through this fight and then level. Perhaps having a couple less resolve points (I think it had 5!) to spend or maybe dropping an extra arc emitter somewhere may be better way to go?


The Arc emitter does a pitiful d4 damage, even at 150% that’s not going to dent 75HP much. Ellie would’ve been much disappointed if she hit. 🙂


The message from the captain (Nash?) of the Sunrise Maiden mentioned that she was able to avoid the creature due to her force field armor. The party might have used that in some way to take out the creature.


Yep, that helps, but what hurt most was the decision to go to the ship thinking to lock it out, only remembering it’s phase ability after having foregone many rounds of potential attacks that could have worn it down. This combat needs everyone contributing to bring it down, some gave up attacking early on and effectively split the party which left fewer targets to absorb damage and fewer attacks to deal it – had everyone focused on it they would have had a better chance to defeat it.