Statue of Limitations 2: Mural Plasticity

The party comes upon a strange room full of familiar looking statues.

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On the same kind of tangent with Skid’s TMNT rant, Beetlejuice in the movie is a dirty pervert yet in the cartoon series for children he gets toned down to just a prankster.


nevermind diagonal rules. Can we stop saying permanently dead? It makes it sound like there’s a type of death you can just walk off

Daniel Bauer

In pathfinder death is a status condition once you hit about 9th-11th level.


It’s always a status condition! But like there’s only one type of death aside from Gm fiat shenanigans. Anyways, it’s not really important

Daniel Bauer

I mean, there are effects that are impossible to fix at their current level (requiring a wish or miracle) without a side mission, and those side missions are often annoying.


that’s… irrelevant. If you’re dead, you’re dead regardless of what methods you use to remove the condition. There isn’t an “impermanently dead” condition. There’s just “Dead”


Bringing in my bday with a new GC!! Can’t wait for your new show!