Glass Cannon Syrinscape SoundSets



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What is it?

The long wait is OVER! The Glass Cannon SoundSets for Syrinscape are finally here and they come in THREE exciting flavors!

First up are the drops we’ve all come to know and sing along to! Including such hits as:
* Roll for Initiative
* Critical Threat
* Joe’s Gonna Roll
* Troy’s Gonna Roll
* Nerdage (Short, Medium, and Long versions)
* A16 Ocean View
* And ALL the other music drops you hear on the Glass Cannon Podcast!

Next up is the “Razzmatazz” SoundSet, bringing everyone’s favorite, murderous redcap to life! Your old buddy Troy Lavallee has lovingly recorded a fully interactive NPC SoundSet so every “yes”, “no”, “maybe” and seriously disturbing phrase is right at your fingertips. Razzmatazz is perfect for the times you want to bring a little unhinged excitement to the party. Just keep your babies away.

Finally, where would the GCP be without the best know-it-all in all of Golarion – Tom Exposition! Tom is the perfect go-to guy for GMs to give their parties background information and pointers or to sell you things for the low, low price for 3 – – – 400 gold.

Interested in all three? There’s also a three pack of all the soundsets you can purchase at a discount!

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll receive an email with a VOUCHER CODE. Just head on over to HERE to enter your VOUCHER CODE and let the good times roll!