Summon-Where Ogre the Pain-Bow

With the threat of Grenseldek out of the way, our heroes turn their attention to an incestuous band of ogres in the midst of a horrifying necromantic ritual!

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Awesome – missed opportunity for a Vader reference though.

You have to know your players super well to give them an offer like that – especially in an AP. Had it been me, I’d have accepted in an instant.

Bryce Pape

Hey Rennis, not here to aim at you or anything, but remember you are commenting on episodes recorded nearly 2 years old now.


I realize, but why have the comments open on old recordings (plenty of platforms give you the option to lock comments on old content) if not for people new to the show to still comment? o:,’

Bryce Pape

I am not saying you shouldn’t comment, but more of pointing out defects or opinions like “Why doesn’t Baron have precise shot?” is different. I have commented on old episodes but only for small things I thought were funny or interesting, not what they could’ve/should’ve done better. Like I have played tons of hours and games of Pathfinder as a Gunslinger, and I have had many times thinking what in the world type of build Baron is, but the mystery clears as you listen more and more and that is the beauty. Appreciation is more respected in a large community… Read more »


This seems like an unnecessary comment. This is a comment section which is for all comments that are related to the episode. Also what you described isn’t Criticism. If he had said “_______ is an idiot for not taking precise shot!” that would be criticism.