Take Your Daughter to Lorc Day

After coming face to face with someone from his past, Lorc discovers he has a trueborn child in grave danger. Meanwhile, the time has come for the party to finish their business in Skelt and make their way to Skirgaard.

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Joe only opens his heart to be hurt again by the die…

P. Munyard

Her name is NOT J’Daughter?? Missed opportunity…

Mark Schwab

Matthew: “Let’s take a lock of hair to keep track of that 10th-level paladin who’s shown an intimate knowledge of the Golarion postal system. Now… Lorc’s long-lost daughter… who we don’t know if is alive or dead… with the inconsolable mother… currently the captive of unspeakably cruel and vicious giants… nah, not really worth a 4th-level spell slot. Moving on!”

Jared H.

Hey Fellers,
Where are we to find the crazy artwork mentioned on the pod these days?
– Jared