The Bad News Stairs

The party is split as their staggered pursuit of a fire giant leads into an ambush!

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Point of order: All chaps are assless… if they covered your ass, they’d be pants. Thank you. I yield the floor.


Correction on Attack of Opportunities: They are defined as an available moment to strike at a foe due to them letting their guard down. The rules for AoO are all based on moments when someone is unable to or stops defending themselves and leave themselves exposed. If a person is moving full speed, then they are considered no longer defending themselves. Usually, a person grappled is unable to move, but since the creature is larger and Troy ruled he can move, he will continue to trigger AoO but is unable to take any himself since he is the one being… Read more »


Hey guys, if I were you I would Plane Shift out. You all earned some well needed R and R. Fight after fight can wear a person down. Regroup heal up. Take time off let the Giant Strong Hold go back green alert. You should still be alert when returning, but hopefully they not so much so.


The way I see the attack of opportunity rules interacting the the Vexing Dodger mechanics: A creature provokes an attack of opportunity when it leaves a square that is threatened by another creature. The attack of opportunity begins and is resolved BEFORE the movement happens (otherwise, most of these attacks would fail to work because the target is now out of their reach), so even though the Vexing Dodger (and by extension, his spread of threatened squares) is moving with the Fire Giant, IN THAT MOMENT, the target is moving out of a square threatened by the Vexing Dodger, and… Read more »

David H.

I would never allow that in my game personally. That would be broken. Just climb on the giant and never do anything and get free attacks with sneak attack, no way.


RAW dictates it is how it works. Since the VD is also moving, he is provoking too. If the giant leaves a theatened square, you are riding him, you provoke each other. Pretty sure the Giant wins one off attacks.


I disagree. The giant isn’t actually moving out of a threatened square since the square he’s moving out of travels with him. Attacks of Opportunity deal with two objects that are separate from each other, and one of them moving away. With the Vexing Dodger, the threatened spaces combine and they become one creature technically. But I only think AoO’s shouldn’t be allowed while moving. As David said, that’s broken. And having them both be able to take attacks of opportunity on each other while moving makes it less worthwhile to climb up on something dangerous, because it just has… Read more »


I don’t know how you did it, Lavallee, but the O’Brien curse was lifted! For now…. I went to check with little hope but a grim determination to disappoint myself before I tucked in, and, Lo! A podcast awaited! Thanks, Lavallee, you’re aces, no matter what Matthew might say from under the table