The Clannish Prisoner

Having eliminated the cultists and subdued the shirren sniper, the team looks to their prisoner for answers.

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David Ryan

As I am wont to do, I am siding with Matthew.
Miss Congeniality is a gold mine of entertainment and Sandy is a gem in EVERYTHING she is in!


I wouldn’t say everything but she is criminally underrated. And she is great in Ms. C.


In order for Dr. Friss to improve his poison condition, he needs 2 days or 1 full day of nothing but rest… They’ll need to spend another day in the statue before he is able to move again.


I wonder how long til the doctor goes completely crazy and goes Nestor Coyne on Tumsy in the middle of the night and blames it on some random jungle threat.


Also since Zo! was brought up in the show when me and other sfs players gave him the nickname of undead bob barker and his assistant became known as Vanna Wight.