The Electric Pool Wade Acid Test

The crew begins exploring the strange asteroid K9204 looking for signs of the Cult of the Devourer’s presence in the Diaspora.

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I feel you guys need to stop saying “Natural 20” or “Natural 1” on skill checks. It’s not like those are auto fails or successes. :p

bork bork

20 lbs? well you over watered it. Get out the pruning shears and trim your baby back. 9 months is way to young for repotting.


Concentration and Interrupted Spells To successfully cast a spell, you must concentrate. The length of time you must concentrate to cast a spell is specified in the Casting Time entry in the spell’s description. Your foes can interrupt your spellcasting in a few ways, as described below. The concentration required to cast a spell is sufficient to cause you to briefly lower your defenses. If a foe threatens the space you are in, casting a spell provokes an attack of opportunity unless the spell specifies otherwise. For more on attacks of opportunity. Normally, you can concentrate even in a distracting… Read more »


Casting spells provokes attacks of opportunity (even from a creature grappling you) and you certainly can’t cast spells while hanging out in acid. Oops.


I love this environment, K9204 is so creepy. Armor upgrades can be removed and installed in new armor. Meishan could have transferred the infrared vision to her new armor with 10 min of work.