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Welcome and congrats!


I’m super excited to hear and see these two women play some Pathfinder. However, when I read you were going to convert from 1.0 to 2.0 I cringed at all the extra time and effort required for the DM. I’ve converted in the past and will never convert again! Sooooo much time spent converting instead of prepping and planning emanate doom for you players. Just say the words “high level conversion” and try and smile. Best of luck; maybe before you get too high they will release Emerald Spire 2.0!


Awesome! Can’t wait to listen to the new podcast. Ran it myself and very interested in hearing how you all do it.

The Young Squire Pettypants

I’m glad you all found people that are so artistically involved! Super excited for Echo Quest!!


Congrats to everyone involved! Can’t wait to hear the new content and new voices!

Brian E Johnson

Fantastic and welcome! I look forward to listening into the Emerald Spire!

Troy St. Hilaire

Yay & happy to see more peeps join!! Look very forward to seeing how Emerald Spire develops 🙂

Dell Domnik

I’m so excited for Emerald Spire and I can’t wait to hear what you both will bring to the table! GCP Nation is a whole new level of fandom, get ready for a wild ride, I think you’ll love being a part of it all!


Awesome! Always good to see you guys growing. Can’t wait to see the new girls on the new show! Welcome to the Nash Sydney & Kiah!

Ethan Burgess

Hell yeah! Maybe Mathew can play male characters now that there are more diverse perspectives adding a whole new range to the network! Disclaimer: I love Mathews characters and even Grant’s but it always felt like to me, there was pressure to play female characters pre- Ellie. Her addition alone added a completely different perspective that I think a bunch of middle aged men can unfortunately lack and I mean this in the least offensive way. Again, so stoked!

Jacob Ambrose

It is unfortunate that a popular podcast must contrive a female presence to avoid controversy or criticism. Not everyone has female friends that like to play pathfinder, and certainly there is no intention of offense on the part of the gang. That much is obvious merely by listening to them… that being said, I’m confident in anyone they deem worthy of being in the network.

Ethan Burgess

I dont know that they necessarily need it or at least not me personally but I completely understand where you’re coming from when you say to avoid controversy or criticisms. Someone will always take the low road to point out “non inclusion” when as you said it may just be a lack of a “good fit” as the dynamic of the group is the key to their success which again I agree with you and am confident in their direction! Well said man, glad nobody took my comment the wrong way haha.


Why do you think the female characters were contrived?

Ethan Burgess

T B, I think that inertly The guys wanted a female presence or at least had the sense that D&D table top RPG’s arent just for shut in antisocial incells. Table top gets A LOT of shit in my personal experience and to combat that, as well as to bring in a larger more diverse crowd, female characters were necessary. I only know these guys and now gals, through the podcast but I’d like to think that they considered things like this and I’d also like to think that it was kind of a convenient win win for them as… Read more »


I suspect it has more to do with business growth and opportunity than controversy or criticism.


Could be Matthew just likes telling stories with female characters.

Ethan Burgess

I agree that could be the case and I dont think there is anything wrong with that.

Rek Rollington

Welcome to the Naish Sydney & Kiah.

Tarl or Bo

Wyoming welcomes you even if the cast thinks I hate joe. May all your rolls be crits or better then joes!!!


Latter not terribly difficult


In fairness, when Joe rolls bad, it’s so good.



Robert Chatwin

Welcome to the party pal(s)!