The Glass Cannon Network is Hiring!

Position – Network Coordinator

Job Overview

  • Part-Time position with Full-Time potential assisting in various tasks across operations, logistics, and social media

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Tour management support
  • Packing and shipping merchandise orders
  • Roll20 design and layout
  • Shooting social media photos and videos
  • Patreon community management
  • Office administration tasks
  • Assisting the CEO and COO


Candidates MUST:

  • Be based in the New York Metro area
  • Be proficient in the platform
  • Be willing to travel one to two weekends per month
  • Have flexible availability – days, nights and weekends
  • Have extensive experience with tabletop role-playing games

Proficiency in the following not required, but helpful:

  • Final Cut/Premiere/After Effects/OBS/Photoshop/Audition/Acrobat

Please send resumes and cover letters to

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William Lunny

Man… I really wish I lived in NYC. This gig would be the fricken BEST! Good luck to you lucky dogs you live there.

Christopher Guntrip

I would drop everything to move to New York to work for the Glass Cannon Podcast. But I live in Canada and my girlfriend could never afford her medication in the United States. I revel at the opportunity to collect Joe’s thrown dice, I’ve daydreamed about scouring supplement publications for Matthew’s most obscure spells, I believe that I could take Grant’s family recipes to the grave; and would obnoxiously dote on Skid Maher in hopes of learning the esoteric wisdom of character development.

Gustav Froese

Man I wish I was in new York right now, it is actually my dream to work for you guys. If you ever need people in the vegas area I would love to help. Keep on rocking guys you are honestly my favorite 4 parts of any week, all your content is so good. I would be willing to work for free and all I would require is to see Joe roll poorly as he is prone to doing. Troy would never have his glass empty with me on the team. Some lucky person is going to get a totally… Read more »


I wish I could do this, but I happen to be a teenager in Michigan so…

Chase C Leany

All my hopes and dreams have just been maniacally crushed. The dream to take part in my first tabletop game with the ideal group. In comparison to the next gen tabletop nerd I am but a peon to be tamed. If It would support my case to beg I would do so. OH LORDS OF THE DICE. I WOULD ASK YOU TO HUMBLY SUPPORT MY CLAIM TO THE TITLE OF: Cannon Gofer. I shall adhere to any principles of the die as well as respond and/or set up any appointments. I will also take it upon myself to travel many… Read more »

Chase C Leany

That being said im sorry to waste your time I currently reside in UT. Just wanted to show some odd sort of potential that i realize may not quite fit. Im just a huge fan. I dont even play tabletops. I just really really love listening to the podcast.


Bro I’m also in Utah. We gotta show our support in this state so they’ll tour here 😛


We have to make a Utah event happen!


Will the final potential hires be forced into a roll-off?

Kyle Bradshaw

Not sure how much help a guy in the west coast can offer unless you looking to set up a distribution center out here. I have several years of experience in logistics and worked for a company called Penguin Magic. My responsibilitys included ordering/shipping supplies internally.


I’m guessing you didn’t read the requirements.

Kyrone Rustmore

I going to guess you guessed wrongly. Cause they start with, ” Not sure how much help a guy “, which suggest to me, read, understood but figured to give it a punt anyway. They might not be on point. But sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there and see what happened.


I suppose. The word ‘must’ is notoriously negotiable.

Another Matthew

Why are you Cappadicasa’ing this gentlemen?

Kyrone Rustmore

I suppose, just as also email, and resume are not clearly identifable concepts either and could easily confused by a causal comment on a web-page