The Gun Also Rises

Barron Ashpeak, Sheriff of Trunau, hovers on the brink of death against a fearsome invisible magma dragon.

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Phew! What an ep to catch up to.


It’s always good content…I dont wanna imply that I dont enjoy listening to this show…but every passing episode seems to have less & less actual show. This episode was 35% intro & opening BS.


Again, I enjoy the BS, & I couldn’t be happier for their accomplishments/plans they discuss in the intro, but when you look back and realize that it’s taken us 8 episodes to get from the start of this adventuring day to this point…and in those 8 episodes was minimal roleplaying & 3 combats?


Old GCP would have gotten that done in 4 episodes of the same length because they didn’t take 15 minutes to actually start playing. Again, I want to stress I’m not saying the new formula is bad…I just hope this trend doesn’t continue to the point where the average episode is less than 50% of them actually playing.


Best episode since 200! Is it wrong to hope for a PC death or two? Blood in the water let’s kill some story arcs!


Where was this version of Troy when Gormli died?

Brian Campbell

HOLY COW we are really in deep giant shit this time!