The Hills Have Eye

Rescued babe in tow, the crew arrive at the prospecting town of Shinnerman’s Fortune only to find an all too familiar scene.

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I know this is old, and people probably won’t read this, but it seriously seems like the party completely forgot about the amazing magical saddle they acquired back in “Down the Hatch” from Calrianne Blix. Reggie’s magical warhorseness + that saddle would make for a really strong advantage in riding checks.


Gotta love the Joten blood cyclops


I’m trying to remember if that bleeding attack the crypt-boi kept using was his ability or the spear, which if the latter would mean Matthew has either forgotten it has such an ability or for some reason isn’t using it? ‘,:lc


Its obviously been a while since you posted this comment but the bleed from crypt-boi was from the Bloody Assault feat.


Freaking laser beams?