The Ice is Right

Barron, Fairaza, Four Bears and Pembroke enter the door leading into the mountain and quickly discover all is not as it seems.

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I’m new to the podcast, so I’ve been binge watching them for a couple of weeks, and I think the biggest change to the new cap system is not being able to give disadvantage to Troy. Which is a good thing imo, as they frequently used bottle caps for their powerful “save or suck” spells like Dominate X, and that always seemed absurdly powerful to me! So I like this new system personally. Love the show btw, and I don’t even play Pathfinder!

Dustin DePalm

Didn’t Barron have heat mechanic to his newly crafted gun? So when he was helpless in the ice, would it have been possible to fire it while in the ice and use the heat from the fired gun to help melt/damage the ice he was encased in? Even if the gun was empty when he was in the ice, it had just been fired and still use the heat from it, right?


Matthew needs to be banned from playing a spell caster. He started reading a spell, verbatim from the book, and just stopped before he got to the part where his spell does damage to him and his friends. When Troy mentioned the flavor text of the spell Mathew read mentioned hitting people around, he just says no, that’s not how it works. Doesn’t read the rest of the spell. This is a perpetual issue I have. The guys just state things like they know for a fact, when they don’t and a moment’s search (which can be edited out) would… Read more »


Mathematically, the new bottlecap system is ALWAYS better for players than the old one. Right away the “effective number on the die” range moves from 1-20 to 6-25 so the new bottlecap makes it impossible to roll a 1-5 (vs. 6.25% chance on the old bottlecap) and it makes it possible to roll even higher than normal. 25% chance to roll 21-25 (vs. 0% OBC). In the middle ranges, the new system is still better than the old one. It’s easy to compare them using www[dot]anydice[dot]com. Use this code: output 1d20 named “normal d20” output [highest 1 of 2d20] named… Read more »


Completely agree.

I came to post the same thing (although your explanation is much clearer than mine would ever have been…).

The removal of the ability to impose disadvantage on Troy, however, is a significant loss. That said, I haven’t gone back and reviewed the prior episodes but my recollection is that the OBC system has been used for advantage for the player far more often than disadvantage for Troy.

Main upside is that Joe can be certain he will get a 6 every time he uses a BC from now on rather than a 1 and a 2…


Counter argument: while the math for average result on a roll is better, the old system is actually way better for the players. Why? Because makring your bonus 5 higher does nothing on on Nat 1’s, which on attacks and saves ( the important stuff) are automatic fails. And it doesn’t effectively increase crit range on attack, like having 2 chances does. So now it’s more likely to result in higher numbers, but the chances for crits and crit fails remains unchanged.


I already mentioned in my post that criticals are the exception. I’ll concede a little bit more and admit that the odds are more favorable for the old system not just for crits but also up to needing a 5 on the die. Getting at least a 5 is a 96% chance on the old system and getting anything besides a 1 (effective 7) on the new system is a 95% chance. If I know the DC is 17 and I’ve got a +10 bonus, I’d rather have the new system. (95% chance of success vs 91%) On the attacking… Read more »


I agree with the bottlecap is powerful as was implemented. I only recall a tiny fraction where a bottlecap was spent and not successful. So basically, the bottlecaps were ensuring success. However, that is totally fine if you are going to also limit their availability. If you want more caps in circulation, though, they power level is too high. Another thought (to the previous system) should have been to only allow one cap to be used per check; there were a number of times where 2 or 3 caps were turned in. That’s fine except when used on the one… Read more »


For the “more bottlecaps” dilemma, one idea would be after every “session” to have a open fan poll/vote for the players and the GM and whoever was the “MVP” gets a bottlecap. And instead of the generic advantage and disadvantage, one idea is to check out the “Hero Point” rules, they got some cool stuff that . Like “Act Out of Turn: You can spend a hero point to take your turn immediately. Treat this as a readied action, moving your initiative to just before the currently acting creature. You may only take a move or a standard action… Read more »

Christopher Cliffe

Not the best way to start an episode… Maybe off air talk about the bottle caps. Idk, was looking for a bit more entertainment to start the day.

Chris Cliffe

Also, give them the caps back. It’s super fun. & Troy does pull his punches sometimes, but the caps are tons of fun.


Speak for yourself! Also what a rude comment! I hope it was sarcastic or you just haven’t had your coffee this morning!

Karl Cross

Mike, I hate to tell you this but when we post we always are speaking for ourselves


They’ve started episodes with rules talk before. Lots of times. Have you just started listening to the podcast?

Ruben Hernandez

I must say, I rather enjoy the rules talk or just their banter for a few minutes. I would honestly listen to the boys talking nonsense for an hour. They are just that personable and relatable.

Dan M

Troy, you should consider the Playtest hero points rules. I think it would be a good system for nerfing the bottlecaps for you but still providing the outlet for the awesome cinematic moments the guys love so much