The Lorespire Diaries

The new arrivals must stand up to questioning by station police, while a datapad found at the scene offers an intriguing lead.

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Is Starfinder’s Diaspora not pronounced as die-asp-ura with the focus on the “a”?


A cherry sherry on Mac!

Kyle Ashcraft

Can’t wait for more of Roger Glipglorp(spelling?) in future episodes.


You missed 3 x’s and a § in your spelling there…

Josh Pritchard

He is the new Thomas Exposition for the modern age.

Kevin Bruce Madison

Thoroughly enjoyed these first three episodes. Terrific characters all around, but Skid has, once again, stolen the show with Dr. Fris.

Thanks for laughs and look forward to seeing where the story takes these folks!


This podcast is starting off great! Love you guys, keep up the great work!