The Ministry of Silly Talks

The crew heads to the Ministry of Eternal Vigilance to meet with their contact Waneda Trux.

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so… I have to ASSUME next week we’re getting a party episode. Otherwise I’ll leave a mean comment here!


REALLY seems like Troy would rather not. 🙂


Dax starts rapping to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air “Now this is a story all about how Absalom got flip turned upside down. We flew for a week and arrived right there, as a gunfight erupted, bullets flew through the air. In Level 21, though small and rare, the members of an illegal gang live there, chilling out maxing,relaxing, or shooting some people outside of the port. We got in one little fight and the cops came to see. They said “You’ll have to go to the Starfinder Society!” We listened to the boss as he talked… Read more »


Also: “Two-Sheds”! Yeah, I’m one of those fifteen older nerds. Loved it. 😀


Fun fact: There are a small number of living Elebrians. They’re a tiny minority, though.


Those that do remain are second class citizens at best.


Waneda from the AP.

comment image?1560120233


If there’s no Ghostbusters 2 joke next episode I’m gonna start flipping some tableians.


It’s interesting how different groups react to the same scenarios. Also interesting how GMs interpret NPCs. That was not my take on Waneda.