The Nightmare Before Crystal

With the temple seemingly cleared of danger, the crew ascends the spiral staircase in the inner sanctum.

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James Kolkin

Is anyone else having trouble getting the media player to work? The play button just doesn’t seem to do anything…


FANTASTIC! Troy’s RP roll-off mechanic was inspiring and I plan on using that in my games.

Patrick C

Excellent episode! Just a heads up as others have said in the comments I did not hear any ads so there might be an issue with them right now.


Is there any way to download? I usually download so I dont have to use data


Found it, Click on the share tab towards the bottom. It’s in there.

Emily G.

Good episode lady and gentlemen! I will say, I didn’t hear any ads, maybe that was a fluke. Also, I’m kind of little saddened I can’t download the episode now since I usually put them on a flash drive and listen to them in the car on trips and stuff. Hope things are well!


You can download it. As Zak pointed out above, click the word “Share” and the download option becomes available. Note that a new window will open up and you have to click the three dots on the right of the playbar to download.

Matt Sanchez

Absolutely amazing.
Easily one of the best episodes you have created so far; everyone’s role-play was so stellar that I was literally on the edge of my seat, and the banter was so cuttingly funny that I could barely breathe or see from the tears streaming down my cheeks.

I’m happy with who ended up getting the artifact, but I was really pulling for the the phenomenal connection that someone made by explaining the story of their isolation…That was mic drop worthy.

Well, thanks for all the laughs.
Time to hit the ‘ole cosmic trail. **spatulas gun**