The Pathfinder Playtest Part 7

Back in February, Jason Bulmahn, the Director of Game Design at Paizo, and Erik Mona, the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of Paizo, visited the Glass Cannon Network crew at their studio in New York City to sit down and create the first ever recording of The Pathfinder Playtest – the beta version of the long awaited Second Edition of Pathfinder. LIVE from PaizoCon 2018, here is Part Seven of Crypt of the Everflame converted on the fly to Pathfinder Playtest rules!

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William Terrance

Mammalo draws and throws two acid flasks at two different targets? Just wondering how this works mechanically in PFPT? I am pretty sure a first level character could draw and throw one acid flask, perhaps drawing another (this is assuming they are stored in a belt pouch, not a backpack). How does this first level character get two attacks in one round while drawing two objects (I remember that Move actions aren’t a thing.)?


I don’t like the idea of using resonance to use a wand of a spell that is on your class spell list. He actually cast that spell in an earlier episode. I like the idea of resonance for classes that don’t use magic, or using a wand of a spell that is not on your spell list, or if the spell is too high for you to cast like a scroll, but I think a spell caster should be able to use a wand of a spell that is on his spell list, and he is of level to cast.… Read more »


Completely against an unmodified check to be able to use a wand for more than 3 charges in a day , especially with Charisma being the base score (if I heard all that right). So the fighter can use his magical sword unlimited times per day, but each charge of a wand counts against the spellcaster? Nonsense …


While the mechanic is still being developed, at present only passive effects (+to hit, + damage) are exempt from the Resonance cost. Active abilities imbued in the blade would cost cost some as well.

That said, it might be a good idea to drop the idea anyway as it does look like a lot of bookkeeping for marginal aesthetic reasons.