The Pathfinder Playtest Parts 1 and 2

Jason Bulmahn, the Director of Game Design at Paizo, and Erik Mona, the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of Paizo, recently visited the Glass Cannon Network crew at their studio in New York City to sit down and create the first ever recording of The Pathfinder Playtest – the beta version of the long awaited Second Edition of Pathfinder. Please enjoy a little taste of the future!

For more information, head to!

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Can I find these episodes on Playerfm?


Why aren’t these bad-boy broadcasts on youtube??

[…] some folks have compiled a list of what we’ve heard so far. Additionally, there’s an actual play podcast you can check […]


So, when is Part 3?


Thanks, M9

Gavin Wadsworth

I’m guessing that Skid’s goblin is played by Tim Curry?

I’m only halfway through the first part as I write this, so I apologize if that gets established later.


How come this isn’t on the regular podcast stream? I can’t find it under your guys feed on my iTunes.


It’s now on the new cannon fodder feed

Troy Seward

Nice I can’t wait to get my hands on playtest.

Marcel Casella

Is that Syrinscape?


So much fun, totally whetting my appetite!
Only downside is time – I already play in multiple 5e, Pathfinder, and Starfinder games. I think I may have to give up sleeping in order to cram PF2 into that calendar as well!!


New critical hits 1o over AC – not sure seems to put more on DM to tell players if they hit 10 over or not instead of the players knowing and taking on the responsibility of this.

Alphane Vox

I reckon it may be both. 10 above AC is good enough to critical as well as 20 being dead pm target? Speculation.


So far not to bad on changes but what they will do to the spell system and spells I am afraid will kill easy conversion to 1e Pathfinder (which I plan to satay with until many of the 1e classes are released for 2e)


I hate the bulk system why was weight too hard for some people to use or even the weight encumbrance system from earlier systems.
I would like to keep it close to real world rather then the bulk starfinder dumbed down system


I think the bulk system solves one problem, the same way ‘gold’ or ‘credits’ solves a problem – not everyone in the world uses the same currency or weight units. Where one person finds it closer to the real world to use pounds, there are plenty of people who use kilos every day and trying to use pounds takes them *away* from that feel of reality. To all those who normally use kilos, switching from pounds to bulk is just going from one (complex, unintuitive, and not base-ten) system to a simpler one. For those who do use pounds, and… Read more »


I think bulk also has the ability to account for things that weight doesn’t, like unwieldiness. It should be easier to carry 30 pounds of gold in a bag than 30 pounds of wood planks.


It’s not about difficulty. It’s about removing the burden of having to look up (or remember) the weight of an item on the fly. By reducing the possibilities, it’s much simpler to reason an item’s bulk on the fly.

[…] about what the game will eventually be like, but here’s Paizo’s FAQ on the topic and a Glass Cannon podcast where Jason Bulmahn runs Crypt of the Everflame that he’s converting to 2E on the […]

Alphane Vox

I loved these 2 eps, lotsa fun listening to you guys and it’s cool finding out the new mechanics piece by piece. Bring on part 3.

Emanuel Green

Very enjoyable; thanks for recording this!

Will this game be available as a podcast feed? It would be much more convenient to listen to if so.


Just Here

Listening to the GCP for the first time, and you guys are hilarious. All that’s missing from my regular gaming group is our in-jokes. Will you be doing a playtest podcast when the playtest goes live? I am excited and intrigued to see how 2e plays going forward.


Check out their other live play podcast they are amazingly done with the same excitement and humor

Orren KnifeEars Mordo

Best Podcast I have heard since Acquisitions Inc. except that ALL the players have a character voice and personality. They’re not professional voice actors ??? but OMG they are thoroughly entertaining just like Matthew Mercer’s gang at Critical Role. Made my monotonous work very much easier. Thank you.

Camilo Jaramillo Echeverri

never in my life did I think I’d listen to Milhouse Van Houten and Maghk Walhberg playing pathfinder. Laughed so much and can’t wait for the playtest


I enjoyed this immensely. Great Job guys. I am looking forward to giving it a shot and see how it plays. I will keep an open mind and give it a chance!!


I am very pleased at how this plays. And I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd edition and playtest it with my group. This isn’t just about dumbing down. The combat is smoother, and more versatile, I love the new direction the rules are taking. If the other material such as Archetypes and background are implemented as well this will make a fantastic game even better. Also, as an aside, this was my first listen to Glass Cannon. I love it. You guys are fantastic. My 7 year old son, who we’ve been trying to… Read more »

Jason Brock

Pretty sure that’s not Zak Ward, but Phillip J. Fry.


Hmm seems interesting, can’t wait fo the playtest materials to come out and for 2E go go full live. Been wanting to play DnD5E for a while but my group refused to go back to DND. This seems a nice in between. Frankly Pathfinder 1E was starting to feel bloated. Thank you guys for the preview of the playtest.


the action economy seems pretty similar to starfinder. i like this. shields also not being passive bonuses to AC is smart.


My first introduction to this show. I like it. Going to have to add it to my regular rotation of podcasts.

Really looking forward to the play test


Kind of mixed feelings thus far. While I understand a new edition is necessary at some point, because there’s core rules that need revising, I’d like them to keep it mostly backwards compatible, and some of the changes seem to break that. Like changing the spellcasting time from swift/standard and going to 1 action per component seems like it’d cause hell with backwards compatibility. Seems like it’d be easier to just have spells take 1-3 actions, and go with that, where swift converts to one action, standard to two, etc. I see what they’re going for, but basically breaks the… Read more »


I don’t understand the folks that are unhappy by this. 1E has been around for almost 10 years. The design space is flooded with options – some of which is clunky, much of which is bloated or power creepy. It’s crowded in 1E. Maybe you noticed that Ultimate Wilderness had more reprinted content than it had new content? If you’re happy with 1E, keep playing it! Sure, you won’t be getting new books from Paizo, but there’s already more content than any average table could leverage in a lifetime. Personally, I’m excited for 2E. There’s a lot in Pathfinder that… Read more »


I, for one, am excited about the simplification of the incredibly bloated ruleset. I played a bit of DnD 5e, and while I love the streamlined nature of it, I still prefer pathfinder for the number of character options and rulesets to support things that DnD sort of hand-waives. I expect Pathfinder 2 will have the the simplified feel of 5e with all the customizability of pathfinder. I love what starfinder has already done to improve on combat and the action economy being simplified without being “dumbed down.” I also expect Pathfinder 2 will still be more different from 5e… Read more »

Chase Cota

So…it’s is basically dungeons and dragons 5e action economy and skill consolidation with a Pathfinder/paizo/golarion spin on it…not at unhappy with this, the only true scare I have(and it’s deeply unsettling sleep depriving fear) what do I do with all these Pathfinder hardcovers I have?!?!?!, Which not to toot my own horn(throwback to one of gcp old episode) is almost all of them with campaign settings, adventure paths, and player compabions. Please paizo please oh please don’t make them useless…


You continue to play 1e as well as 2e.


It seems to be using the ideas from unchained actually, if it seems 5e it probably because 5e seems to draw so heavily from the Paizo model of products and marketing. Flip mats, tiles, miniatures, I suspect it will be truer to unchained AE and skills than 5e. In case your wondering I don’t have a lot of time for WotC, lost that about the tome of the 4e debacle, 5e never brought it back with their really slow system of almost no advancement. I’m hopeful for PF 2e.


I’m not going to lie. I bought heavy into the 4E hype when it came out. I dropped HUNDREDS of dollars on books and minis. We played 2 games. I could not even give these books away – no stores wanted them, no one on reddit or craigslist would even take them for free.

I’m proud of my 3.X/Pathfinder collection. And I’m proud to add Starfinder to it.

This “new” edition is not what I wanted or needed.


Then keep with your fanboism. Paizo is going to do what they think is best for their business. You also know nothing of it mechanically and are making judgment based on what, exactly?


From the changes I heard, it actually sounds better.

a a

How about next time you do one of these, you have 1 GM and 1 player and just get down to business so we can learn something without having to sift through hours of idiots babbling, making stupid noises, and giggling at themselves to the point no one can even understand what’s going on? This thing could have taken up 15 minutes of my time and been 10 times as informative.


They literally say, “we’re playing through this module” Idiot. The fact that he is on the fly converting this 1e module to 2e is amazing.


Side note. Why is my profile picture Peter Dinklage from when he was in Pixels? lol


Nah. We’re having fun.

jack ferencz

I also hate listening to people play pathfinder while playtesting pathfinder. Where do these nerds get off?????


Man, your games must be incredibly boring if you hate listening to an actual play podcast as good as the GCP. If you want to read the boiled down rules, then wait until you can get the books, but complaining about people actually having fun and showing how an actual game of the new system will play out is just really pointless. If you don’t want to hear people PLAY pathfinder, then don’t listen. Pardon my paragraph, but insulting the people who put hours of their own time into making enjoyable content that’s available for free for having some fun… Read more »


So, Jason says, “This is where we’ll leave off.” Does that mean that there’s a Pathfinder Playtest Part 3 and possibly 4 forthcoming?


At the very end of part 2 they say that there will be a part 3 upcoming.

Upset Former Paizo Fan

I am very unhappy with this. No more new material for 1e PF? I don’t like how 2e PF is sounding like 4e D&D with the killing of sacred cows, like 5e with being too simple and less options, and like Starfinder. I was expecting more of an update with fixes and re minor, but important, changes. I will pass. Sorry Paizo. Edition changes like this are not necessary or preferred.


We are in the incredibly early days. And I’m super excited, but I’m cautiously optimistic I guess? A lot lot of this new system sounds…. a LOT like 5e. Proficiency, the streamlining of skill checks, even the names of the skills… all very similar. I really hope everything goes well.


Jason Bulmahn said, either on Facebook or in the Paizo forums, that one shouldn’t mistake similar nomenclature for being exactly the same mechanic. From what I heard in this playtest recording, you can still invest growth in your skills, so there might be a proficiency based on Class, at least initially, over time, you can go from being proficient, to expert, to master, and so on. Customization is a key feature of Pathfinder over 4/e and 5/e D&D, and they seem committed to maintaining that.


I hate to sound like a knee-jerking bore, but I agree completely. I am in like 4 D&D 5e games, and I very much want Pathfinder to stay distinctly different from D&D. It’s doing that, but not in the direction I love so dearly about 1e. I will admit that I do sort of like that Initiative is circumstantial, but I was never a fan of the way Athletics was handled in 5e. I loved CMD and CMB. I’m wary of changing the skill system in general, but you done messed with the Knowledge skills. I think that’s the one… Read more »


Those are my feelings exactly.
The Perception, Stealth, Reflex etc DCs are an interesting idea. But again, Perception DC (passive perception) is just like 5e. They seem to have expanded upon that a bit, which is neat. Maybe Athletics is contested in a similar way?
But yeah, I guess time will tell how this all goes down.

person not intended for market group apparently

I agree. Looking through Starfinder, I didn’t see anything appealing at all, and if I wanted to play 5e, well, I would. From what I hear about the system in the podcast just makes me sad.

I gabbed with a friend all night about this, and honestly, most of the things (aside from my gripes about what they did to my precious Knowledge category skills) I really was wary about with SF can be fixed with supplements. Since they’re already doing that, fair enough. I can forgive the Backgrounds and Class paths. 2e has a lot of neat ideas, but they all come down to blurring the line. I can and do play 5e, but I play Pathfinder and I want it to feel different from 5e. I really passionately do.


100% agree

Joshua Jacquot

Even though this means a ton of conversion work for my current homebrew campaign, I am beyond excited to jump in. (Now I just need to have a conversation with the swashbuckler and gunslinger in our group…)


Is there a way to download this?

Elliott the Moose

Hold the link a ‘download link’ option should pop up. It dls as an .mp3

Ben Baldwin


Andrew Sobiesiak

How can I download these so I can listen on my phone?

John Weston Kulp

Just hold down on the mp3 file and hit download link (on Android, at least)


Right click, save as = DL

Elliott the Moose

Hold the link a ‘download link’ option should pop up. It dls as an .mp3


Unfortunately, that won’t work on an iPhone.


If you’re on an iPhone you can download the file using an app called Documents by Readdle. It has a built in web-browser that will enable you to download files and store on the phone.

Otherwise, everyone else’s suggestions should work.