The Pathfinder Playtest Parts 3 and 4

Jason Bulmahn, the Director of Game Design at Paizo, and Erik Mona, the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of Paizo, recently visited the Glass Cannon Network crew at their studio in New York City to sit down and create the first ever recording of The Pathfinder Playtest – the beta version of the long awaited Second Edition of Pathfinder. Please enjoy parts three and four of Crypt of the Everflame converted on the fly to Pathfinder Playtest rules!

For more information, head to!

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You have got a new fan guys. Where can I find the follow up of this adventure? Did you publish the PaizoCon play on your podcast?


I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but as PaizoCon has come and gone I’m curious whether you’re continuing with these?


DO they use any ranged attacks in these? Do Bows use Dex for Damage?


Came for the 2nd Ed. but I think I like these guys enough to listen to some more. I’m liking Mark Wahlberg.


Is Matthew’s elf gender fluid? He corrects someone one for referring to the elf as “she”, but later on (Ep 4) they all including Matthew) refer to the elf as she/her.


Haha, I just saw this headline. Maybe this is what’s going on:

A new feature in Pathfinder 2.0 as well?


lol that is terrible. It would get written out of my game so fast… The concept of gender fluidity is fine, but not elves, and no playable races.

Pete Simpson

Why is that?


So, they’ve gone to the SJWs? Great.


From Deities and Demigods, AD&D, printed in 1980: “Corellon Larethian represents the highest ideals of elvenkind: “he” is skilled in all the arts and crafts, and is the patron of music, poetry, and magic. Corellon is alternately male or female, both or neither.” This was only the first example I could think of off the top of my head, gender fluidity has been in the D&D DNA for a long time. You can transform into a bear, but changing gender triggers your delicate sensibilities? Let’s do everything we can to make sure all marginalized groups feel even less welcome in… Read more »


Just as an aside, it *is* possible to have an inclusive game which welcomes marginalized groups without embracing the increasingly problematic SJW stance. There’s a reason that SJWs as a whole are getting an undesirable reputation. They tend to behave badly, and end up doing their causes more harm than good. While I strongly disagree with Adam and Christian’s (apparent) displeasure with Paizo’s efforts at diversity and inclusion, I can’t really argue their stated derision for SJWs. I’m sure there are lovely, rational people among the SJW ranks, but their voices are usually drowned by the strident whining, lecturing, shaming,… Read more »


Human beings often cause more problems than they solve, but sometimes we can do the opposite if our immediate reaction is not hurr durr genderfluid elves are somehow stupider than fireballs and dragons, f’in SJWs ruining everything. It is pretty obvious that the intent of the posters is not your message that SJWs can be bad in large groups (like pretty much all people), but that genderfluid elves are a bad development because somehow Paizo is in the pocket of some imaginary massive SJW conspiracy. I don’t really care what you or Mark or Christian think about SJWs, I care… Read more »

Troy Seward

Looking forward running playtest game.

Alphane Vox

Best bet is healing the NPC. Really grateful, that guy.


Any reason you haven’t made these available through iTunes?


I gotta sneaky listen to this while at work, I can not wait until the end of the day to listen to it. it must be done now!


so I have to listen to this on a desktop PC that only has speakers, I have no headphones, I have to keep pausing and minimising this window every time my boss walks in. this is some high stakes podcast listening! worth it!

Alphane Vox

Roll a Stealth check. Your bosses Perception DC is 17.


natural 20.

Mister Phoenyxx

Resonance sounds like a terrible idea. So now a first level group with no healer can’t even use potions? I can see this rule being ignored by alot of players.


They can use potions without a check once (level) + their CHA modifier per day. After that they need to role a 10, 11, 12, raising by one each time they use it. Given they are level one they can’t going to have any worn magic items yet. CHA is going to be a pretty important stat now.

Mister Phoenyxx

Yes, I get that. And honestly that is part of my problem with it. Why should a Cha based character automatically get to use magic more often than everybody else? Why should fighters, wizards, and anyone not based on Cha get screwed out of using magic items? This doesn’t make any sense and just sounds like a terrible game mechanic to me. Now mind you, I am evaluating it in the current game environment. But this really does not sound like a something that’s going to improve the game to me. It sounds really bad to me. I can the… Read more »


The party is only out of healing if 1) they run out of potions and 2) they critically fail the check, which for 2 potions they can only do with a natural 1. At first level, you’re not going to have that many hit points to restore, and also not many abilities to use before needing to rest anyway. Sounds like you will have more money to spend on better potions and wands rather than needing low-level magic items, and having to spend 20 charges of a cure light wounds wand to heal up. This is what the playtest is… Read more »

Mister Phoenyxx

Yep! That is why I am voicing my concerns nice and early. This was really the only mechanic out of all four streams that made me stop and go, “Ummm, I don’t know about that.” 🙂 And I still don’t like the idea that it’s based off of Charisma. To me it should be based off of your casting stat. How does a high Cha fighter resonate better with magic than a wizard (with low Cha) who has studied it all his life? While I can certainly think of a story to explain that, I don’t feel it should be… Read more »


I also have strong reservations about this mechanic, and will be looking hard at it once the playtest actually begins.

That being said, UMD in 1E is based on Cha (with a couple of traits to make it Int instead). I think it should still be based on Cha- the idea being that the PC is basically forcing the magic to work based on sheer force of personality.

My concern is for the resonance mechanic, and limiting some classes’ access to magic items that are currently available to anyone (especially potions) that troubles me, not Cha as default stat.


it’s probably the replacement for UMD. Now EVERYone can use magic items, and the people who would have had good UMD can do it more often.
Also, Cha is also personal force, which is why it’s the Sorc casting stat.

Also it’s a more lenient version of the 4e healing surges/item daily uses solution. Unlimited healing, fireballs from wands, etc. kill tension, you’re always in best condition with your cheesiest solutions available.

Reminds me a little of Exalted’s essence system.


Also better than constantly hassling with body slots or 5es attunement slots.

James Hebert

I’m interested to see the details. At first, I would agree, but that’s based on the current environment.

Mister Phoenyxx

Yes, I am basing it on the current environment and rule set. Which, realistically, you would have to see the whole rule set to see how this incorporates. However, this does not sound like a game mechanic that improves game play and the universe. It sounds more like an excuse to try to make Cha important.

Brendan Decicio

Wooohooo! Finally! Gotta say, I came for the 2e reveals, but am staying for the rest of the podcasts because I really enjoy listening. Already on episode 4 of Glasscannon despite only having started!


That’s great news, Brendan! We are happy you are enjoying the show so far. It’s a wild journey and we’re thrilled that you are along for ride! -Joe

Matt Baker

Don’t listen to Joe! It’s a trap. They’re going to get you hooked and you’ll spend hours binging, always thinking there is more content to go and you can afford to listen to 10-15 episodes a week. When you catch up to the weekly episodes you realize just how cruel those cliffhangers can be.


It’s all fun and games until they start breaking your heart. But by then you’re hooked!


You have made a wonderful decision.