The Sniper at the Gates of Dawn

In the shadow of an ancient statue, the party is harassed by a huge flying predator while sniper shots continue to rain down from an unknown location.

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Just got to this episode on Spotify and it’s still just the Murder minute add.


Hey Guys, on Spotify this ep is only the True Crime ad. I’m glad it’s on here so I’m not missing an episode. I was terrified I was gonna miss that episode.

Toni Carney

On Spotify, this episode is only 1:02 long (which is just the advertisement).

Jasper Rose

Hey Ellie, you might check out the feat technomancer dabbling if you are interested in getting the supercharge spell without taking a level in technomancer. As a mechanic, I have overcharge as a mechanics trick and the supercharge spell from the feat. The feat gives you a few level 0 spells and level 1 spells from the technomancer list. Supercharge is a level 1 spell.


Trick attack does make the target flat footed to your attack, though it’s worded a little oddly. p.93 “Just BEFORE making your attack attempt a [skill] check DC 20+CR. If you succeed [on the skill check] you deal 1d4 (to 1d8@3rd etc) additional damage and the target is flat footed.” This refers to success on the skill check, not the attack roll. So a successful trick attack skill check does 2 things: adds extra damage dice and makes the target FF. Also better things to come with Trick Attack including riders everyone benefits from, and at 7th level you can… Read more »


Note this is separate from Debilitating Trick which you get at 4th level. This is what needs a successful ATTACK to apply apply either flat-footed or off-target to the target until the start of your next turn – so everyone benefits from this. So at 4th level on the sequence is 1) (Optional) Move up to your speed 2) Roll Sense Motive for trick attack, success means more damage dice and FF to your attack 3) Roll Attack (vs FF if #2 succeeded), success = damage (+ TA dice if #2 succeeded) PLUS either flat-footed vs everyone or off-target until… Read more »


The Skyfisher is intelligent and telepathic and can think in Castrovelian. Many of Castrovel’s lifeforms are telepathic like the Lashuntans. The fact the Skyfisher did not try to fool the PCs while hiding feels like a missed opportunity. The Skyfisher in my game remained hidden (its staggered while in stealth mode) and whispered promises of protection while ensnaring it’s victims. It was slower but more insidious. Also the Ksarik (the brutal plant predators with diseased spikes) can learn languages when it bites its victims. How cool would it have been if they bit one of the PCs and left written… Read more »


1,000 bottle-caps for this wonderful Pink Floyd reference.


The funny thing is, I immediately went to _The Wind in the Willows_ when I first saw the title (and was delighted), then realized they probably were referencing Floyd, rather than Grahame.


I didn’t even know that P-Floyd wasn’t the originator. Thanks for the reference.


Great pod! Saving on poisons does not recover any conditions, you need to rest to recover.

“Poisons and drugs work differently—fulfilling the cure condition (or reaching the end of a poison’s duration) removes a poison from the victim’s system, but ***she remains at the same step on the track*** and recovers gradually. For every day of bed rest (or two nights of normal rest), a victim moves one step toward healthy. This rate of recovery is doubled by successful Medicine checks (see Long-Term Care), though tenacious poisons might require a longer recovery period.”


Poison rules seem a bit harsh. I think I’ll blunt them a bit when I run it.


They are SUPER harsh. I think its a reaction to the easy mode poison/disease rules in PF… maybe a swing too far, but the brutal nature of afflictions does add a ton of drama to them. Makes the game less about how much damage you can inflict and more about survival. I personally think its a positive move.


Skip to 12:48 for the real beginning of the podcast, unless you enjoy filler.

Manny Boss Hands

Why would you skip the filler???