The Stumble in the Jungle

The crew is left at the edge of the jungles of Ukulam with only a centuries old braggart’s guide to lead their way.

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Commented too soon on the apparent lack of music for the yaruk stampede…


Is it me or do people tend to talk over Ellie. Like, a lot…

I really noticed it around 31:15 in, when she was trying to recount one of my favorite scenes from Jurassic Park; the scene where Dr Sattler grabs Dr. Grant by the head and points him at the Brontosaruses. She started speaking two or three times, but everyone kept interrupting her to do their own Jurassic Park quotes, until she finally just gave up so the show could move forward…

Karl Cross

Banjo, have you ever noticed how much they “over talk” each other? Heck they over talk Troy sometimes when he try’s to get them out of BS mode and back into the game. Have you ever noticed Ellie does not play this game very well? Have you ever noticed Ellie is crappy at role playing? Have you wondered why she is on this show at all? It sure seems like she is only here because they (or maybe the SJWs in the fans) wanted a female on the team?


Wow, you’re a bundle of joy, aren’t you? Iirc she’d never played TTRPGs before this, and roleplaying a character you created isn’t the same as regular acting – which I imagine she’s much more used to. She’s doing fine, and she’ll only get better the more she plays, if she decides to keep playing. I’m sure her friends – you know, everyone else on the show – would be thrilled to see you speak about her that way. Good thing you did it right here, on their website. You always have the option to not listen at all, you know,… Read more »

Karl Cross

@xyz, You know if you don’t like a comment you don’t have to read it. Just something to keep in mind. Grow up and learn to accept that not everyone agrees with you so learn to deal with it in other ways than reporting posts like a 7 year old.


They cut each other off fairly often, although for Ellie is has been often and very noticeable – she also isn’t assertive enough to talk over their overtalk. The team fairly notoriously doesn’t play the game that “well” in terms of efficiency or maximum output of information-finding or damage, but they have a lot of fun and we have a lot of fun listening. Ellie is brand new like Matthew was at the start of their first show. She’s doing fine and she’s been a joy to listen to – none of which makes her any less or more deserving… Read more »

Karl Cross

@Truth: LOL! When did I say I did not like her? When did I say they should not have brought her on? When did I say she was more or less deserving of being talked over? When did I say Troy and Joe are not capable of making their own hiring choices? When did I say she should know how to min-max a character or to be efficient? I was responding to a very obviously one sided post from Banjo. Unlike you I cannot read minds to place motive nor can I understand things not said as if they were.… Read more »

Kyle Ashcraft

Not to be the bearer of bad news but all those AoEs that PG took also would of hit Tumsy. If I was going to make a gm ruling here is Tumsy would be free from AoEs if PG autofails the save to absorb the extra damage otherwise they need to add the damage to him and check to see if he’s still alive.


Yeah, but I never seen a GM want to do extra work for themselves. Easier just to ignore it.

Fun episode. Dice hates everyone.