The Temple of Detrimental Evil

The party uncovers a new kind of evil as they venture deeper into the strange temple.

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I can’t tell if I’m not paying close enough attention, or if Grant is still forgetting that he gets Grit points back not only from kills, but confirmed crits as well? ‘,:o


Hey guys! Loving the podcast lately, and I’m very excited to see more of the Shaman in action! Quick question: how is it that Baron (sp?) can fire so many shots in one round? After looking up “Up Close and Deadly” I had a look through the gunslinger and saw “Lightning Reload” – which is an 11th level deed, but doesn’t Baron have a few levels of Inquisitor too? Rapid Reload only reduces reloading to a move action as far as I can tell. PS – I think my first official “R” rated movie was The Matrix in theatres (in… Read more »


Alchemical Cartridges takes it from a move action to a swift action.


I always look forward to your pre-session conversations.