This Loot Was Made for Hawking

With Tahomen and his minions defeated, the crew comes to grips with the transmission he sent to the Devourer cult cell in the Diaspora.

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bork bork

So the add at the beginning of this was for Dunkin and in it they referred to espresso as “smooth” WFT. Not the word I would use for espresso. Would have been funny if it had ended with “brought to you by Starbucks”.


Armor upgrades are not permanently bound to armor. You can pull them out and put them into the armor you want, assuming you have the armor upgrade slots.

“A creature can personalize armor by purchasing and installing armor upgrades, described below, which add bonuses or customized abilities to armor. Some individuals keep a collection of upgrades at hand, swapping them out as needed (requiring 10 minutes to replace the unit and resecure all connections).”


“cheat in school kids!” Joe O’Brien


Or get your rich parents to do it for you!