Throne for a Loop 2: The Flaming of the Crew

The party faces their greatest test against the frost giant queen and her minions!

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I blaming Joe for this one. Why would you have Troy switch how he rolls miss chance’s…… He always rolls high!


I don’t know, the more I listen to this the more I can’t’ believe anyone doesn’t just go find a new DM. Every fight is an ultimate battle, that gets really old for the listener, I can’t imagine having to make so many new characters.


This is book 5 of 6, with powerful enemies. Although many characters have cycled through, most were for story reasons. There have been three “real” character deaths up to this point, and this makes four – against the book’s boss no less.

This isn’t necessarily abnormal.


God that is sad. You will be remembered.


That 91 pretty much made the whole thing.. boring?


that was the best part


Honestly almost quit listening to the episode multiple times. But I’m trying to reserve judgement till next week…

Matt Sanchez

Oh….So that happened.
I….uhhh….I don’t know what to say.
Wow. Damn.



Anthony Adam

The march to a million is starting! Giantslayer podcasts end to end now total 923,171 seconds running time – that’s 10 days, 16 hrs, 26 mins and 11 seconds. At your current average, Giant slayer will break 1 million seconds of listening fun in just 18 eps from now.

Ryan Bolstad

OMG….absolutely stunned

Emily G.

I’m honestly crying now…