Throne for a Loop 3: Passed from the Blast

With one already fallen, the remaining heroes look for a means of survival while knowing that any move they make could seal the fate of their comrades.

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I’m not sure if it was this ep, or the previous one, but I was amazed when they were complaining about the monsters using paralyzing attacks. And a little disappointed. They blow thru monsters and when they finally come up against prepared monsters, they get their butts handed to them. Granted, failed saves will probably get you dead a lot. 🙂
I was wondering why Barron didn’t pop into his breastplate, and Fairaza pick it up, go ethereal, and get out of Dodge.

bork bork

“Can you swallow voluntarily when paralyzed?” That’s both a question for the courts and the reason why Pembroke never got tenure.

Geoff Garrett

I got strange looks from my coworkers for my outbursts during this ep. This one was amazing!


My heart can’t handle it! Anymore and I’ll be a blubbering mess! Ohhhh the humanity!

Btw, great job on merging storylines, oh heartless one. It’s absolutely intriguing!


Now Fairaza can’t even reincarnate Pembroke…. Only the dwarves remain….


Dude, spoilers!!!!! 🙁 I haven’t listened that far yet!!!


Its a chat about the episode, you’re spoiling yourself reading it before listening to the episode


Any chance of this comment getting spoilers marked or disappearing from the sidebar? It’s always a bummer when the newest episode has spoilers in it the day the episode is released.


I was listening to this pod for months trying to catch up, so I never read the comments until I’d listened… Just like I am on no social media today until I see Endgame!


Its a comment thread about the episode, you’re spoiling yourself reading it before listening to the episode


no t, no shade, no pink lemonade, but you guys suck at fighting incorporeal creatures X’D

Emily G.

Am I the only one who thinks that Pembroke the White should be a thing? A Pembroke the Omnipotent if you will? Anyway, good episode but still a little sad.


Pembroke of many colours!


Pembroke’s soul will enter Golabrous’ body and will be a cleric/wizard multiclass.


Matthew and Grant are gods.

Also, I gave him Grant the cowboy/bullet-shaped d6’s!!!