Throne for a Loop 4: Some New Hope

With two of their party vanquished, the remaining combatants try to stay alive against impossible odds.

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Blindsight doesn’t allow you to see on the ethereal plane. It can’t cross planar barriers. True seeing would allow someone or something on the
ethereal plane to be seen.

With that being said the show is entertaining, and I’ve been on the edge of my seat a few times wondering how the party would handle certain situations.


Blindsight should also rely on (normally only one) specific other sense than sight. For instance if something relies on touch to feel the tremors through the ground, they will react to different stimuli than if it relies on scent. Troy went really easy on them (for a change) regarding their escape from the throne room. The time taken to successfully navigate the maze (let alone without alerting the creatures within), should have been eating into the invisibility time. As he was in the room with the doolahan (sp?) it should have taken it’s specific blindsight to find it’s invisible prey… Read more »


I went to go hit Next Episode like I have 204 times before only to realize…I’m caught up. Fricking bittersweet is waiting a week every time now, lol


Neither of the podcast apps on my phone received ep.205 yet. 4/30/19 🙁 direct download it is! I can’t wait a day to figure out how this ends.

Geoff Garrett

I have never in my life felt this emotional and connected to imaginary characters before. Your studio needs a mural to the fallen PC’s right next to the bottle cap board.

Paul Ryan

Great ep though either my player was acting up or it’s the worst editing job in the history of the GCP. Pretty sure Troy was speaking over himself at one point. Just me or did anyone else notice it?

Alex G.

Yeah, it was the editing

Emily G.

Good episode! The title was well chosen 😀