Til Breath Do Us Part 2 – Domination Committee

With Metra under the dragon’s dominance, the heroes fight for their lives.

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Best podcast ever. Love you guys. Only got into TTRPG’s recently (I’m on episode 110 of the GCP), and I have to say the quality of your show is immsense, especially compared to the other “big” RPG shows. If you were to force me to make a comparison, I’d say Critical Role is the podcast for newbies, where they see that it’s all about the terrible roleplay and the rules can go hang. Whereas GCP is for the more veteran players, who know how to do convincing and rewarding roleplay whilst also


-Knowing how to respect the rules and the spirit of the game. So much kudos to all of you, you make my downtime so much more than I ever could have myself


You’ve finally got him Troy. Now pull the trigger! 😉

Justin Reinhardt

1. The Dragon didn’t make a Fly Check to Hover.
2. ONLY the Bite attack from the Dragon gets the full Reach Bonus (15′ as Huge). So maybe the claws/wings/tail might be out of range. Would need to see a map.


The protection from energy goes first. Then the fire resistance comes in. Fire resistance from multiple sources don’t stack.


That’s what they determined, yes.


Twilight Empirium is an amazing game! Also, what a cliffhanger… hoping for a PC death is bloodthirsty and immoral… do it, Troy, it’s a new year.


To get around the ‘is it evil for my to hit’ just say I hit AC27 or 29 if it is evil 🙂


Troy forgot Fire Shield warm, anyone hitting him should be taking 1d6 +11 fire. Also… super lenient on the Dominate spell, but we all know that…


Troy caught it, I guess that’s what I get for getting excited and commenting while still listening. -_-