Til Breath Do Us Part

The heroes stumble upon an enormous magma pool guarded by unseen foes.

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“You’ve no where to hide, no where to run, your village will burn like the heart of the sun! With infinite glee, its going to be me, that slaughters the world.!


interesting discussion on next steps. from some rough calculations, my guess would be that GCP and A&A might end within 2-3 months of each other. Troy will probably pad GCP quite a bit, but… hmm…


Troy needs to stop going easy on these overpowered cheaters and letting them snow job him.


You can’t take free actions outside of your turn unless it’s listed as an exception. Letting go of a grapple would have to be done on your turn since, unlike speaking, it’s not a listed exception.

Immediate actions are the only ones that can be taken outside of your turn, other than specific free actions.

And Lava is 20d6 if you’re fully immersed.