Total Critshow

The battle with the frost and fire giants rages on!

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Doesn’t your AC fail if the attack roll MEETS or beats? So, 19 + 6 = 25, his AC with haste (which to other posters point is arguably not even “legally” cast) was a 25… that Crit hit should have confirmed!!


The issue is that the original attack was an 18 on the die + 6 for a 24. So the attack never actually hit, despite being in the crit range.


Hey fellas … Me again . You guys plan on putting this on Google Play ?

Thats all. Thanks


damn not having that next episode button on the right feels weird now I have caught up – great show as always but boy am I going to hate waiting a week for the next episode from now on


I mean as much as Matthew is making things easier for himself (by not reading spell descriptions) Joe is making them harder. Limb Climber doesn’t specify that it’s separate from a move action just that it isn’t a grapple action. Should be part of a move like a normal climb check, there’s no way that ability would cripple the rogues action economy for twenty levels without improving at higher levels otherwise. Good spot on that crit though!


Oh, Matthew…You lose the rest of your turn after casting Dimension Door. That Haste spell (even Quickened!) needed to wait a round!


I agree. “After using this spell, you can’t take any other actions until your next turn.”

David Whitten

Don’t do it!