Transponder Calls For Aid

The crew of the Sarissa has little time to meet their new companions as they find themselves surrounded and under attack!

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I feel like everyone missed the Predator movie reference by Skid. It makes me sad.


Double check those abilities, Sydney. Some don’t require expending spell slots, you just use them once per day per target (compare to Solarian abilities.) Fun stuff!

Karl Cross

where is the video? If not here where?

Mr. Fodder

It’s on their youtube channel and then streamed live on their twitch. Its a fun watch!

Karl Cross

I looked for it on youtube before I posted here…. It still does not show episode 97… not sure why if it shows on youtube for you. Only episode 96 is on their youtube site.

Karl Cross

UPDATE: It now shows on the youtube site… episode 96, 97, and 98


Great episode! BTW, I don’t like that Troy doesn’t know what classes/equipment the party is using. Feels… cheaty.