Trial ‘Em for Murder

On their way to the dwarven Sky Citadel of Kraggodan, the heroes awake from a night’s rest to find that something is not quite right.

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not my favourite sort of plot elemental – pretty sure most of my party more concerned with the bad guy doing this would have used non lethal force and magic to subdue and leave them there. Not to mention meta game wise if this was just a patrol they would likely be much lower level than the party. Still overall a great episode that aside and as always great role playing by the party – loved Grant’s I’ll roll diplomacy and role play on the result


Rolling first is always better. So frustrating to do a huge build up and be denied by the dice. “My character is gonna flourish his weapon, run up, kick off the wall and… miss…”

william randall

I mean, saying “Do you believe the four of us could take out 11 dwarves without a scratch?” Would have been a solid argument.


Bravo, Troy! Exceptionally well done everyone, but a special shout out to your ol’ buddy and mine for this episode.