Trilling Them Softly Part 3 – License to Trill

The party falls victim to the death throes of the first slain frost worm, while another worm and even greater horrors await them nearby.

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Do you guys still post pictures of the monsters?


It was great when the battle for Trunau lasted several episodes since the series of combats were interspersed with mini side events and RP encounters. It led the listeners through the narrative of an orc siege and immersed them in the severity of the threat on the town/world. These past three episodes are just long, tedious, and feel more like an instructional recording of (how to, or how not to) run high level combat. I’m glad the guys are getting into the fun crunchy aspect of the game…. but it really isn’t very good radio Don’t want to sound unnecessarily… Read more »


This is an official podcast for Pathfinder, they are running an adventure path. This isn’t a story driven podcast, yes, there is story, but the point of it is to listen to them play the game. Cutting out all the combat would kill any fun because you’d lose any tension, any stakes and any struggle, plus the adventure would end in only a few episodes. My entertainment comes from these fights, because this is how you play the game, the whole point of this podcast.


I second the thought of not skipping anything. A real game has parts that some players like more than others, just as some members of the audience prefer certain aspects of this podcast over others, hang in there I’m sure it will come round to what you prefer again Chris.


Not to begin a back and forth debate…But I wasn’t insinuating that “all combat” be removed, which is clearly stated in my post. Listening to characters face danger while unraveling mystery and drive the plot of the story is great. Listening to 4 guys play a full dungeon crawl full of filler combats is not. What made this podcast differentiate itself from a sea of others was quality audio, Troy’s creative storytelling, Skid’s wonderful vocal theatrics, and of course the friendly unadulterated banter. It wasn’t the exhaustive and endless combat turns, high level number crunching and math, and rules research… Read more »

Andrew B

I really hope they post a picture of Baelmourn. He looks so awesome.