Trilling Them Softly

With another room cleared, the party stumbles upon a collapsed wall opening to a series of tunnels within the tomb.

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Don’t you have to be willing to be teleported by the teleport spell? How can an unconscious person be willing?

Jonathan Higgins

This is something that bothers me bit: threatening. Troy seems to think that it is up to him to decide if someone is threatened, but it isn’t. It is a game mechanic. You threaten squares around you. If the worm has 15 feet of reach and is hostile, another game mechanic, it threatens if it is within 15 feet, canceling fascination. If a character is damaged, it cancels fascination, as “it can defend its self.”

Curtis Brown

Wow, I thought everyone was dead. Honestly if troy wasnt so benevolent after stretching fascinate a bit to far, complete tpk. Reflex saves destroy this party. I’m nervous but excited about the danger, hopefully they are ready for what happens after a tpk.

Doug Becker

You guys really need to hire yourselves a rules lawyer. It is getting horrible! Casting defensively and failing does NOT provoke an AoO. All that happens is that the caster loses the spell and the action used to cast it. No AoO. Also, insects are vermin not animals, so Matthew could not have wild shaped into a fly.

Curtis Brown

First of all, chill. Second of all, they simply need to write down on a board somewhere what rules they forget. Just a tiny bit more organization. Let’s relax a bit and realize they are one of the few podcasts that even try to follow the rules.

Doug Becker

Well, if it was just a few here and there, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem. However, it is getting to be every episode and they are getting more concerning. Stuff like the casting defensively, they should have had that at level 3 since it starts at level 1 for casters.

As to your point about them being the only podcast that is trying to follow the rules, they are THE OFFICIAL podcast for Paizo for Pathfinder, so yes they should know the rules much better.


It’s a game tho.

Daniel Bauer

At this point they are getting out of mid game and into late game play. If they dont know how to do something integral to their character, such as casting defensively, then they should get called out on it. That said, my advice is to for the casters to write down next to each spell level, the DC for casting defensively. Its 15+double spell level. So 1srlt level spells you need a 17. Your bonus to the roll is your level plus casting stat. So an 11th level caster with a +6 to their casting stat doesnt even need to… Read more »


//”If they dont know how to do something integral to their character, such as casting defensively, then they should get called out on it”//…. They are actively playing 3 different game systems (that are similar enough to make it more confusing), have jobs and families, and producing an entertaining podcast. Just sayin..

Daniel Bauer

And more power to them. I enjoy this podcast immensely. But it does bug me that basic things that should be known are not. I play in a pathfinder campaign, pfs and starfinder, have a wife and 1 year old and 2 jobs. I do not however have a podcast. I still manage to keep the rules separate for the most part The only times I have been confused on rules between starfinder and pathfinder has been spells. This has more to do with rule retention than straight up knowledge. That was why I offered the suggestion to write down… Read more »

jeff morse

Herolab gives you the DC and your total so good there. A 1 is not a fail and a fail does not provide.

Tara Trask

So, I have been relistening to the podcast, and just today I came across episode 84. Toward the end of that episode, Della wanted to cast facinate. Joe stopped Matthew and said that he could not use that spell in combat because it does not work. Joe also said that a fan had written in and told them this. Just thought it might be worth mentioning. 😉

Joseph Wright

One of the best episodes yet, soooooo funny. Yet tense as well; good collective brain storming by the boys.

Derek Chiasson

You guys probably shouldn’t have fled to Skelt. I think it would’ve been better to teleport back out to the vestibule, heal up using wands, prep a bit, and go back and finish them off. You knew what was there, had already dealt some damage, and would’ve been able to just unload right out of the gate.


AHAHAHAHAHA! YYEEEEESSSSS! MELD INTO STONE!!! One of my favorite spells!!! Too situational they said! It’s a wasted spell slot that could be used for healing or buffing or debuffing they said! They called me mad, MAAAD I SAAAY!!! LOOK WHO’S LAUGHING NAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! MEEE, THAT’S WHO!!!

Alex b

Haha, fans talking about Four Bears behind his back and Skelt townspeople talking about him also.

Funny coincidence. I love the accent and concept 🙂