Unwelcome to the Jungle

The crew of the Sarissa arrives in Castrovel to far less fanfare than they received upon returning to Absalom Station.

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A couple things that everyone should know about Castrovel… 1st, it’s closer to Sol than Absalom Station, so when the PCs first disembarked the Sarisa, they would have been hit with a noticeable wave of heat and humidity. So much so that the weather can fatigue a person that lacks environmental protection provided by armor.

The Sun would appear much larger in the sky as well, probably the size of a child’s fist.

Not nitpicking, just trying to add some more details to the GM’s already well fleshed out descriptions.


I love the contemplative Dr. Strangelove!


Hi Guys! Thanks a lot for all the podcasts and amazing storytelling! Inspires me in my own gm’ing or dm’ing!
I do have 1 small request though; Could you perhaps post the pictures that you refer to in the episodes with these posts? I am super curious to what the contemplative looks like!

Thanks a lot!


A google image search will sort you out. A lot of Star/Pathfinder material is already online


Thanks Steve! But what if I don’t spell the name right? Or what if I find a different image?


“starfinder contemplative” will pretty much bring it up as the first hit