Venn Hologram

In the Maze of Ghosts, history comes alive to attack the crew!

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Great episode! I love this battle. I actually did something similar to Troy when he had the hologram run into the wall. Since the hologram can cast silent image at will I had him manifest copies of himself to split the party’s attacks. Bwahahaha.

Comfortably Dumb

Hmm. I don’t think that solarian weapon crystal ruling is correct. The mote, unlike the weapon, is always with the solarian unless they dismiss it. Thus, the only time a solarian would have to insert the crystal in combat would be if they had dismissed the mote (say for undercover work) or if they wanted to swap one crystal another.


oh Grant. You don’t have to install your Solarian weapon crystal each time you enter combat. the text on solarian weapon crystals reads (p. 170, core rule book) ‘The solarian can remove the crystal from his mote as a standard action, and the crystal falls loose if the mote is deactivated in any way.’ but, this needs to be coordinated with the text on a mote (p. 101, core rule book) ‘The base form of your solar manifestation, when not actively in use, is a mote of stellar energy slightly smaller than your fist that hovers near your head.’ …… Read more »

Vitamyth Supplantment

You laugh but Ellie’s mom is right. Vitamin supplements have not only been proven to be unhelpful but they are also potentially damaging.


Yep, you can give yourself VC poisoning. Just leave it at natural foods