Viva Lost Magus Part 3

The past and the present collide as the #Marchto200 reaches its conclusion.

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Geoff Garrett

NO! I have to wait until Tuesday for more!? WHY!?


I can’t get over how incredible these 3 parts of this episode were. Anyone reading this comment make sure you listen to the ENTIRE episode. It’s worth it.

Derek Chessik

Wow! Terrific episode. The quality of the story is top tier. I’d be interested to know how much comes from the adventure path and how much comes out of Troy’s crazy head.


Best ending to an episode so far. Wow.


Easily the best episode yet, and that’s saying alot.
Deserving of an award.

Stephen S.

Whoa. Well done, boys.


Dudes. Thanks so much for this epic show right here! What an epic adventure and so cool to “see” old and new characters …

Patrick C

95 more episodes until episode 300!


Holy shit.


You mean bull shit?