Vorpal Rain

With Hhurrun Springbane defeated, the heroes must conquer his undead allies before returning to Akargrim and completing their quest.

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How is Baron’s AC suddenly 32 when he lost 3 points to every ability score and his AC last episode was like 28, before the loss of ability scores?


Don’t kill off Four Bears just yet Skid & Joe, Multipliers stack additively not multiplicatively (I. E. 3x crit plus 2x charge damage is effectively 4x crit (base damage + damage for charge +damage for crit + damage for crit) NOT (2 x damage) x 3).

Patrick C

But if Four Bears dies we might get information on Sir Wills story and get him back….go for the in correct way, rule of fun

Patrick Maher

I told my nephew Preston about gcp while we were in Wichita this weekend.
I was pleased to hear that he subscribed yesterday.